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Blackmailed by a blackman

Author: megan cox
Category: Cheating_Stories
Last updated: Aug 9, 2009

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Ty grabbed his cock and stepped closer to me making me reach out and touch it after he put my hand on it he made me stroke it and it started to grow bigger,after his cock was hard it had to be 10 or 11 inches long I had never seen one that big before,Ty asked if I sucked my husbands cock and I told him no not much ,he said well kiss mine and grabbed the back of my head and put his cock right in front of my face and said now kiss it bitch.
While I kissed it he ordered me to lick it and stroke it saying yeah girl you just a dirty little girl aint you, you want to be all high class and shit what would you r little white boy husband think of you now his pretty little white wife got a big black dick in her mouth ytou like that dont you ,you just a little slut aint you.
After sucking him for a little while he stood me up and said now lets see that little white body of yours,he turned me around and unzipped my dress.When he was finished unzipping me he sat down and said now take that dress off for me girl,After I took it off he said damn girl your prettier than I thought now come oveder here and sit down,my body was trembling bvy this time ,I couldnt believe this black man was getting ready to touch me.
As i sat down Ty put his arm around me and begin touching me,he touched me on my belly and breast and he finally took my bra off.H e said damn girl fine as ytou are I bet you fucked a lot of guys havent you and I said no im not like that he then kissed on my titties and played with them awhile still talking ddirty ro me.
Tys hand moved slowly down to my legs saying now lets see what that little white pussy of yours looks like.The whole time all of this was going on I was able to keep my legs closed Ty put his hands on my legs and said now look at that girl look at my black hand on you leg,you little high class bitch I bet you didnt think a black man was going to ever touch that pussy did you .Ty put his hand on the inside of my thigh ang pulled my legs apart he took my right leg and pulled it up on the sofa where my legs was spread wide,then Ty said damn girl your panties got a wet spot .Ithougt oh no now he really thinks im attracted to him.
Ty SAid yeah girl look at that your panties are wet you turned on aint you what would your little wimp white boy huisband think now his little white wife all wet fir a black man.Tys hand moved slowly to my pussy my bellt was quivering at the anticipation of him touching me, as his hand touched my pussy an uncontrollable moan came from my lips,as his fingers ran up and down my pussy lips my hips begin to move as he touched me.

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Ty then started sliding my panties off slowly pushing them down my legs until I was totaly naked in front of this ugly man.H e pushed my legs apart again and begin running his big fingers up and down my pussy lips saying damn girl you are so wet you liking this aint you you little slut getting fucked on the side by a black man,after he had rubbed my clit and lips he started to push his big middle finger in me it seemed almost asd big as my husbands cock.After he got his finger in me he begin to finger fuck me my hips were moving and he was sticking his fingewr deep in me and all of a sudden I begin to have an orgasm,an Ty was saying yeah bitch you know you like it now you cant control that little white body of yours can you that pussys tight girl I think its about time we loosened it up some.
Ty then stood up his cock was vcewry hard he took my legs and pushed them apart taking his big cock in his hand he said yeah now im going to get to fuck that little white pussy of yours like I wanted to the first night I saw you.He tookj his cock and rubbed the head against my pussy lips the contrast of his black cock and the thin blonde hair on my white pussy was overwhelming.He slowly guided the head into my pussy saying damn girl your tight,it hurt a little at first but he kept pushing until Iwas able to take most of it .He fucked me in that position for about 5 minutes and I had another orgasm,Then he turned me around doggy style and fucked me that way probably for anothewr 5 minutes befors he began saying he was going to come,and before I could stop him he grabbed my hips and pulled me tight and shot his load deep into me and at the same time I had another orgasm.
Ty stayed in me for a few minutes before pulling his semi hjard cock out,it made a sucking sound when he pulled outafter we had got dressed Ty said nowq every time im around your little white husband im going to think about fucking his little white wife.


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