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Buddies Watch My Wife Black Fucked

Author: kac0037
Category: Cheating_Stories
Last updated: Nov 20, 2007

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My wife Sarah was such a bitch that I thought I could not stand it anymore until I went to the lawyer and found out how much child support I would have to pay. I learned to live with some of her evil ways. She was a good mother and took care of our needs in the home. However, all she did was bitch and the sex was rare but good. She is a beautiful sexy woman. Men stare at her when we are in public.

We have been married twelve years but I think we were both sick of each other.

As the years rocked on, she became more and more evil. It was three years ago that I endured some of the worst humiliation that a man could handle. She still humiliates me to this day; however, I have become accustomed to it.

It was super bowl night 2002 when I got the shock of my life. Kids staying at grandmas as usual when we had a party, Sarah had made us all snacks.

I had five friends over watching the game as we usually did every year. We are all in our thirties, hard working family men. One of my friends Marcus is a black guy with athletic build, nice looking brown colored skin. He has always been a good friend just like the others. On the other hand, that is what I thought.

It was going well into the third quarter, we were all riled up laughing, yelling, ragging each other when one of my friends, Justin said, "Hey where did Marcus go?"

"Ah, he's probably out back taking a piss or passed out somewhere." Frank said.

My curiosity got the better of me after about five minutes. I got to thinking about where he really could be.

I got up told them I was going to go get Sarah to bring us some more snacks.

I felt light headed when I stood up, I had already drank to much but was still in a good frame of mind. I made my way downstairs walking through the basement past the washer and dryer when I heard sounds coming from the bonus room. It was very quiet down there; I could make out my wife voice. I went to the door to the room and listened with my ear pressed to it.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck I love your big black dick baby." There was no mistaken that was Sarah's voice.

"You like taking all of it don't you baby." I could make out Marcus's voice. I had found him.

"Oh God yes fuck I love it."

My heart pounded my chest like a ton of bricks. My blood pressure rose, I felt the blood rush to my face. The alcohol was distorting some of my senses but I knew what was going on, I just did not know what to do.

I did not want to be heard right away, so I opened the door slowly. It was no good; I opened the door and looked in.

What I saw shocked me forever; the mental picture forever imprinted in my brain will not go away. He was sitting on the sofa with his feet upon the coffee table, legs spread wide. Sarah was on top of Marcus facing him, her skirt hiked up around her hips, her knees on the sofa on the outside of his thighs, his black hands grasping at her white buttocks. Her hands on either side of his face kissing him as she talked. I looked at her and then down at their groin area, most of his cock was inside of her. There was no question he was large, I had seen it before when we would take a piss. I knew what he had.

She jerked up a little when she heard the door open. Half of his black shaft was showing, shining from Sarah's wet juices. Marcus's eyes wide open. She looked at me as if she was in shock. I stared not knowing what to say, my mouth was open.

I held my arms out,"What the hell?"

Even in this situation, Sarah was still a bitch, an arrogant bitch. Her facial expression changed to a more confident, sneering one.

"Steven, what are you doing in here?" She said with Marcus still inside her. Both of them; looking at me.

"What the fuck! What do you mean? What the hell are you two doing?" I tried not to be too loud; I did not want anyone to know this was going on.

"For God's sake, what does it look like we're doing Steven?" As if, I was stupid.

"Get off of him; get the fuck out Marcus before the rest of them know this."

Do You wanna have Your personal russian slut?

Sarah started moving her hips up and down on his cock. Sliding up the shaft, she looked at me and said, "You get out Steven so I can finish fucking him."

She turned back to him and locked her mouth on his, French kissing him madly. I saw there tongues darting in one another's mouths. Her hips squirmed as she reached the base of his dick. She breathed heavy and gasped as the last bit disappeared inside her.

"Ohhhh God." She moaned. Her head tilted back, her back arched as she began to grind him.

I stood, mind racing, I wanted to slap the hell out of her and beat the hell out of him. I conflicted because I knew the others would hear the commotion. I stayed in the room closing the door; I had to stop this now.

"Stop it, stop it now and we'll forget it. Please stop now before the others know." I pleaded.

Sarah's head tilted towards me; looked me in the eyes, "I have news for you Steven, they all know he's been fucking me. They have watched him fuck me in your truck, at the campgrounds when some of you were fishing; they have covered for him so he could get me alone sometimes."

My mouth dropped open once again, when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did.

"Don't do this in our house Sarah, stop!"

This made her worse. Sarah's hips started gyrating on Marcus's piece of meat, her head moving from side to side as her hair swayed about.

She moaned softly, "Oh God Steven.....He's been fucking me in our house, now get out."

"Why Sarah, Why?" I pleaded pathetically.

With that, she slowly raised her cunt up his long thick shaft, stopping just before the head came out.

"Look down Steven, look, that's why."

She planted a big kiss on Marcus and said, "Take me baby, fuck me."

Those words must have been a queue for him because he lifted her up, put her on her back, mounted her and proceeded to fuck the hell out of her.

Her words tortured me, "Oh God baby yes yes yes fuck yes baby fuck me baby fuck me baby oh Gawwddd baby."

I opened the door to leave watching her legs and feet flail about, his long strokes pounding deep inside her. His forceful thrusts drove her ass in the cushions. His huge black balls bounced of her ass. The last sight I had before closing the door was her face and then looking down to see his upward stroke dragging her pussy lips up along his thick shaft and plunging back down. She would gasp every downward plunge; her face looked as though she was in ecstasy, not like the bitch face that I knew.

I knew I had never made her feel that way. I didn't have the equipment he had nor the power.

Back up stairs, I know I looked as though I had seen a ghost.

"Hey, did you find Marcus?" Tony asked.

I did not say anything as they all looked at my facial expression.

Frank patted me on the back and all the looks turned into this sympathetic expression.

"Come on man, just watch the game." Tony said.

They all stared at me quietly.

"You all knew this was going on!" I shouted.

"Hey, don't blame us. Look at her, she is fine, it was only a matter of time before someone nailed her."

"You son-of-a-bitches!" I screamed.

Jeff stood up and spoke, "Hey hey hey now dude, watch it. It ain't our fault you can't take care of her."

Jeff was the largest guy of us all and would throw his weight around. The alcohol in everyone wasn't helping matters.

"No, you should have told me!"

"Look Steven, she is hot, look at Marcus, you know women are into the black men, none of us can compete with him." Tony said. He was trying to be somewhat sympathetic.

"She said you guys covered for him!"

"Hey, you know he would kick our ass if we told you."

"What kind of friends are you!" I was still shouting. I was in shock. This was too much at one time.

Sid spoke up laughing, "Good friends we are, getting your wife took care of, I saw how he took care of Sarah's pussy."

"Shut the fuck up Sid!" Tony said to him. "Damn man you know he is hurt!"


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