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The Wedding

Author: Zeta515
Category: Fetish_Stories
Last updated: Aug 3, 2008

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Acknowledgements: My very grateful thanks to AngelLove for agreeing to edit this story, for her very timely work, and her valuable suggestions and corrections.

Copyright 2006 by Zeta. All rights reserved.

Max emerged from the shower like Aphrodite from the Paphos, refreshed and renewed, but most importantly a virgin. In the next room, Max's older sister, Miranda, said, "Are you done yet?"

Max wrapped a towel around his waist and walking into the adjacent bedroom said, "Yes, I'm done."

Miranda looked at him, hands on hips, shaking her head and said, "You didn't dry your hair. Go back and dry it, and hurry! We're going to be late!"

As Max returned to the bathroom, Miranda let out an exasperated sigh. "I can't wait till he's married and someone else's responsibility," she thought.

Miranda had raised Max since he was a small child. Their parents had died in an automobile accident leaving them orphans. Miranda had only been eighteen at the time and Max just three years old. Despite the challenges she had managed to bring up Max as well as put herself through college while working full time. The effort of raising her baby brother had taken its toll, and Miranda was more pleased than she let on, that Max would be married today (and therefore no longer her responsibility). Not that raising her bother had not been interesting. Max was definitely interesting, if not down right unique.

From the very beginning, Miranda had noticed that her brother was not like other boys. Even though she was little more than a child herself at the time, it had been apparent that Max had a very strong need for female involvement in his life. At the time, Miranda had noticed how the young boy always seemed to need her, and to cling to her every word and direction.

It was flattering, but as she grew older, she realized that Max was one of those males that needed a strong female in his life. So strong was this need that it bordered (or more than bordered) on domination. It was only later in college, in a psychology class, that Miranda found out that there was a name for Max's predisposition: female domination. Her little bother needed to be controlled and dominated by a woman. Unfortunately for Miranda, by this time, Max was a pre- teen and she was the de-facto dominant person in his life.

Miranda had found all this fascinating, especially as Max entered puberty. As he became sexually mature, she noted his attraction for feminine clothing and his easy sexual arousal when she scolded or disciplined him. Miranda had indulged herself, adopting a stern demeanor with her younger brother and reinforcing his natural tendencies. She had also made sure he remained ignorant of the details of human sexuality and restricted his privacy so that he could not masturbate.

Even now, a slight smile appeared on Miranda's face when she thought nostalgically of the first time Max had come to her after a wet dream. The young teen boy's face had displayed a mixture of fear and surprise at the sticky substance that filled his pajama pants and the tingling sensation in his penis. Adopting her usual stern manner, Miranda had told her bewildered brother that what had happened was normal but (as she had cautioned him before), he should not encourage these arousals, as he needed to save himself for marriage (at least if he wanted a decent woman).

As Max emerged from his teens into young adulthood, Miranda realized that her brother's sexuality was becoming a problem. He needed what she, as a sister could not give, and only a wife could. To this end, Miranda began The Search. This had not proved easy, for her younger brother not only needed a wife, but a woman that would dominate him. Miranda had searched everywhere, even joining local BDSM groups, but to no avail. Most of the women were either married, attached, or just plain too sophisticated to be a good match for her little brother. After a few years, Miranda was beginning to grow desperate. The Search was consuming all her spare time and yielding no results. Worse yet, she was running out of both avenues and ideas. It was then that she found Rose and the answer to her prayers.

The two women had met by chance, in of all places, the local courthouse where they had been summoned for jury duty. While waiting in the jury room, Miranda had been sitting quietly reading in the corner by herself.

Rose had approached her saying, "You look as bored as I feel."

Miranda looked up and smiled saying, "Does it show that much?"

Rose smiled back and said, 'I'm afraid it does. But don't worry, it's only the one's who are not bored, that shouldn't be here."

Miranda chuckled and replied, "You've got that right! God I can't believe what a waste of time this is."

Rose readily agreed and the two women began to talk. In fact, as it turned out, they talked for two solid days, neither being summoned to actually serve on a jury (or even questioned to be on one, for that matter).

At the end of their servitude, Miranda had learned a lot about Rose. As it turned out, Rose was just two years younger than she, and had recently broken up with a long time boyfriend. The reason for the breakup had secretly delighted Miranda who had become almost visibly excited.

"So you mean to say, that you left because he couldn't take you being the dominant personality in the relationship?"

"Yes," Rose replied sheepishly. "And dominant is the right choice of words too. I wanted to dominate him in every way, especially in the bedroom."

At this point Miranda had become exited. "You must meet by younger brother. He would be perfect for you."


"Yes." Miranda had gone on to tell Rose about her brother, his childhood and The Search.

When she finished Rose said, "This sound too good to be true. I can't believe it. I've been looking for a man like this my entire life."

"I assure you it's not. And I've been looking for a woman like you for what seems like forever!"

The two women laughed and Rose said, "All right then, when can I meet your brother?" "How about this Saturday?"

"Sounds great."

Miranda had been nervous at their first meeting. Returning home, she told Max she found someone very special that she wanted him to meet. Max as usual was agreeable, but Miranda knew he would agree to anything she suggested. This did not mean, that he would hit it off with Rose however. Max was basically shy, especially at first meetings, which did little to endear him to most women. Miranda therefore fretted all week and up to the moment the door bell rang.

"Come in, and welcome," she said nervously greeting Rose when she opened the door.

"Thanks," replied Rose. "Nice place!' she added looking around.

"Thanks," said Miranda. Motioning to her brother, she added, "This is my bother, Max."

Miranda thought at that moment the evening would be a disaster. She could have not been more wrong. Max stood dumbstruck at the sight of Rose, as if he had turned to stone. Miranda had groaned inwardly, her heart sinking fast, and nudged her brother, who partially coming to life had stammered a terse, "Hi."

Seeing or perhaps sensing Miranda's anxiety, Rose stepped forward, grabbed Max lightly by the shoulder, and bending forward, kissed his cheek. "So glad to meet you, at last!" she said.

As if he were sleeping beauty, Max woke from his stupor and smiled saying, "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Rose."

It was at this moment that events turned the corner for Miranda (as well as Max). What she had interpreted in her brother as social backwardness was actually love at first sight. And the feeling, it turned out was mutual. By the time Rose left that evening, it was clear that Max was in love. In fact, as Miranda's anxiety turned to elation, she was the one left dumbstruck.

The next day, she called Rose and said, "I am not sure what happened, but Max really, really likes you. I'm worried, for if you don't feel the same, he is going to be very hurt. I've never seen him take to anyone like he did to you."


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