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I Sucked Black Cock Ch. 02

Author: kac0037
Category: Gay_Stories
Last updated: Nov 20, 2007

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I found myself thinking about how I had been sucking my roommates thick black dicks; the thought aroused me so. I could not wait for evenings when one or all would want to be sucked to completion. I had come to enjoy a black cock in my mouth so much that I thought of it all day. Alvin, Jerry, and Anthony all had such nice large cocks.

I loved the foreplay with my head in their lap, holding their big black nuts in my hand, licking and sucking their soft nut sack. Tonguing underneath, raising their hips so I could kiss and lick their black buttocks. My white hand wrapped around the massive cock. Oh how I loved pulling the black foreskin up over the head and sucking it in my mouth, tonguing inside it.

I loved to work my mouth over the head and shaft while I stroked it, slobbing trying to make their cock feel as good as I could. I could sense by their movements and moans how good it felt to them. I loved the sounds coming from them and the squirming of their hips as my mouth worked the head and foreskin. I worked it, pleasuring them to the fullest, waiting for them to spew in my mouth. When the groaning and bucking started, I knew they were near and I would work my tongue and mouth feverishly on the head and shaft, sucking, slobbing, stroking them faster until I felt the explosion of thick cum fill my mouth.

This went on for about a month until one Saturday night we all came back from the club. Each of us showered and kicked back with a beer. I sat on the sofa with Anthony when he pulled out his soft cock. He had his feet upon the coffee table, legs spread, and cock lying out. Beautiful black nuts lying gently on the sofa.

"I am ready for some of that sucking you do."

I leaned my head over in his lap to comply, I had grown an erection just watching them in there underwear. I took him in my mouth, I sucked, I was woozy from all the alcohol but I had mastered sucking cock just how they liked it. I gently massaged his black nuts while I sucked. I became so engrossed in it that I did not notice Jerry had come and sat on the other side of me. I felt as he started to massage my buttocks through my underwear. Before I knew it he had my underwear down around my ankles pulling them off.

Surprised I stopped sucking, turned and said, "Hey now, what are you doing?"

"I am going to bust that ass open."

"Oh no, I can't do that."

"Come on now, you got to go all the way with this shit."

"I don't think so." I said with a lot of resistance, I was not been prepared for this at all.

Alvin had now walked over and brought some Vaseline with him. He handed it to Jerry.

"Break him in good for me; I want some of that white ass."

Nervously, I laughed saying, "No really, I can't do that. I will take care of you guys in just a minute."

It was not good enough; Jerry had removed my underwear and had his forearm across the lower part of my back applying pressure. Alvin had grabbed one of my ankles pulling it outwards exposing my asshole. Jerry had his knee inside my thigh, I could not move. I became scared of what was happening. They had become more aggressive as if they knew they were going to take me. I resisted some, trying to rise up when Anthony held my upper body down. Jerry then lay on top of me. One of my knees was on the floor with my other leg straight out along the back of the sofa.

"Lube that thang up good." Alvin said to Jerry.

I felt him moving around, I knew he was applying the Vaseline to his cock. Then I felt it, the head of his big black cock rubbing up and down the crack of my ass. The sensation felt good but the anticipation of what he was about to do made me nervous. My hips started to squirm as I felt him nearing my asshole.

"No don't do that Jerry, damn man I can't do that."

I felt the head touch my asshole; he stopped moving. I could hear my heart pound in my chest. I began to shake. I squirmed, trying to move ass away but he tightened his grip around me.

"Relax that ass, relax and it won't hurt." Jerry said trying to convince me.

I tensed up; I knew it would hurt. I felt the pressure; Jerry was attempting to enter my ass now. I felt the big black head pushing slowly until I knew he had entered. I groaned as he busted through, taking my cherry ass.

"Oh Gawd oh damn, shit oh God man." I felt as he inched his cock in deeper, then he started to fuck me; every stroke downward meant he was putting more of his dark meat in my white ass. I could feel it penetrate deeper and deeper.

Anthony tried to put his dick back in my mouth. I did not take it, I was concentrating on Jerry in my ass, it hurt and was somewhat pleasurable at the same time, and my cock had grown rock hard. I felt his massive black body lay across my back humping my ass with powerful rhythm. Alvin watched; stroking his cock, waiting his turn.

"Take him, now suck my dick white boy, suck it."

I took Anthony in my mouth; I sucked him while Jerry slow fucked my ass. The feeling I had was confusing, was I a full-fledged queer now? I did not feel like it but I knew I had to be. I could feel the sensations in my asshole, pleasure and ache at the same time. Jerry fucked me like a bitch; he humped with rhythm tightening his black body to mine. He humped with long slow steady strokes. His fucking became faster; I felt my body jar now as he began to pound down on me, his power, cock plunging inside my ass. I felt his nuts slap mine with every downward stroke.

He started to fuck me hard now, bucking, and grunting.

"Oh damn, fuck, oh fuck fuck fuck!". Jerry jerked with every spurt of cum. He pulled his cock from me, I felt his cum oozing from my asshole.

"My turn to get some of that white ass." Alvin said as he mounted me.

He lubed himself and entered me. I felt as soon as he penetrated. He just started fucking my ass right away. I had got used to it and started sucking Anthony for all I was worth. Anthony bucked upwards fucking my mouth. I knew he was on the verge; I stroked him faster and tongued the hole of his black dick. I knew he loved that feeling of my tongue on his cum hole. He had grown to love that.

"Oh fuck boy, DAMN." He came spurting loads of cum in my mouth. It lathered my entire tongue.

Anthony got up putting his underwear back on saying, "Damn I gotta watch this." The cum ran from my mouth over my chin.

Alvin had pulled my hips up and started to fuck me doggie style. I noticed I had moved my hand to my little white dick jerking it. Alvin drove my head into the corner of the sofa pounding me with such power until he exploded in my ass. His orgasm was so powerful that I felt gobs gushing inside my ass with every spurt.

I jerked my little five inch dick.

I was sore for a few days after my ass fucking. By Thursday, I had started to feel good and found myself fantasizing about getting black fucked. I would become aroused at the visuals of my black roommates using me but I also felt ashamed. I never thought I was queer but this was a sign that I must be. My attraction to women was still there, so what was wrong with me. Maybe bisexuality was legitimate after all.

Friday night had come; I stayed in reading and watching movies. I knew they had gone to the club and probably would get with some women. I had dozed off when I felt someone pulling the covers off me. I slept on the bottom bunk.

It was dark but I could make out Anthony and Jerry. The two of them were nude. I was on my back. Anthony pulled my underwear off and moved between my legs. He mounted me.

"Spread your legs boy."

I spread my legs and pushed my feet against the bottom of the top bunk. I was excited, I knew I was about to get black fucked again, this time I was ready, I wanted it. I turned my head to the side as he lay on top of me. I felt my small erection against his belly as his big black cock attempted to find my asshole. He was lubed with Vaseline. I felt him, oh God I felt him. I felt the head of his cock touch my asshole. I quivered as he started to push it in.


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