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The Babysitter

Author: Zorro69
Category: Group_Stories
Last updated: Sep 7, 2008

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Unfortunately the video's clicking masked the sound of the key in the door so when the lounge door opened it was the first warning Ying got. Fiona was standing open mouthed in the doorway, "Ying...!"

"Oh fuck..... sorry." She blurted out and immediately pulled her hand out of her pants. Then the tears welled up in her eyes and she leapt to her feet and she fled to the kitchen allowing the door to close behind her. She sat at the table sobbing with her face in her hands. How could she have been so dumb, getting carried away and then worse getting caught masturbating. The shame of it and if her parents found out, she just sobbed and sobbed. Fiona was talking to Darren in the lounge and Ying jumped when the door opened.

"Ying, oh god, please don't cry." Fiona said crossing the room, she embraced Ying, feeling the girl's body shuddering as she wept. "Please stop honey, it's okay." She stroked Ying's sleek black hair. Ying felt comforted and as she breathed in she smelt the perfume that Fiona was wearing.

"Sorry Fiona....I am....am sorry very sorry. Please don..don't tell my parents."

Fiona hugged her closer and with her face nestled close to Ying she whispered, "Don't worry it's okay. Please let me get you a tissue." They parted as she went to the side, as she walked back to Ying she noticed her crying was easing, so she smiled gently. She handed her the tissue and Ying dabbed her eyes.

As Ying regained her composure she looked at Fiona, her face and eyes reddened following her tears. Fiona leant forward to wipe away a single tear. Ying felt a tingle as Fiona's soft fingertip touched her cheek.

"It's okay you know Ying. Darren and I are very flattered that the video made you feel like that." She lifted a finger to Ying's lips to stop her interrupting. "I am cool with it. Can we chat about things?" Ying nodded silently as Fiona's hand fell and rested on her shoulder. "You know Darren thinks you are a very pretty girl and so do I. Now I may have embarrassed us by telling you that."

"Not at all I am just surprised....and flattered." Looking down Fiona's other hand was stroking Ying's leg.

"Ying, can I ask you a personal question?" Ying froze before nodding slowly. "Did you cum?" Blushing Ying shock her head. Fiona leaned forward, moving her hand from Ying's shoulder to her chin; she lifted Ying's head upwards and kissed her lightly on the lips. As her hazel eyes widened Ying stared deeply into Fiona's aqua coloured eyes. The shock of the kiss wore off as they broke then Ying kissed Fiona's lips. Fiona opened her mouth and slipped her tongue forward, pushing gently, the tip of her tongue slid between Ying's lips and into her mouth. Their tongues entwined and looking into Fiona's eyes Ying saw the pupils dilate. Now both of Fiona's hands cupped Ying's face while they kissed softly but passionately.

As they broke their embrace Fiona put her fingers to her lips to indicate that she wanted Ying to remain quiet. Taking Ying's hand Fiona lifted it to her face before smelling the tips of Ying's fingers. "You must have been very aroused as I can smell your sexual scent. It's very nice Ying, I love the smell of a woman, if you know what I mean?" She slid from her chair so that she was kneeling before Ying. Her hands parted the girl's legs, and then she slid the skirt up her legs exposing her damp white panties. She hooked her thumbs through the sides of the knickers then started to drag them down Ying's slender legs. Lifting the panties to her face Fiona sniffed deeply in the gusset. "Mmmmmm I think its time that you have your release, but try and keep quiet." She lowered her face into Ying's groin and started to kiss her thighs lightly. Her hand sought out her damp cleft, gently rubbing her outer lips and ensuring that her fingers were really wet. The kisses carried on making her way up her thighs as her finger gently rubbed the swollen clitoris. "You are very well shaven Ying. I wish I could get my pussy so smooth. Darren loves a bare woman. He would love you." Then she buried her tongue into the damp opening.

As Fiona started lapping at Ying the feelings were so sweet. Ying had fantasised about lesbian sex but never taken it any further. She would never have guessed that Fiona would take her cherry. Looking down she could see Fiona's head slowly moving while she loving attended to pleasuring Ying. She looked up and caught Ying's gaze, pulling her mouth away from her pussy, she asked, "Do you use dildos on yourself?" Ying shook her head; Fiona took her handbag from the table. Delving in the bag she removed a discrete 5-inch vibrator, which she flicked on. Placing on the tip on Ying's swollen clit she looked up as Ying closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip.

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Fiona switched the vibrator off and resumed her licking of Ying's pussy. Then very gently she pushed the tip of the dildo against her opening. She licked and lapped at the clitoral hood then entered Ying with the toy. Sliding it in and out she maintained her licking. She knew that the orgasm was closing in as the juices were flowing giving the sucking noises as the dildo thrush backwards and forwards. In addition Ying's oriental complexion seemed to be darkening as her face coloured. While Fiona carried on giving oral the kitchen door opened and Darren walked stark bollock naked and stroking a large erection. He was a good eight inches and he drew his foreskin backwards and forwards, his other hand was at his mouth as he signalled for Ying to stay quiet. Standing beside her he moved her chin forcing her to turn her head to the side. He then leaned forward so the head of his cock pushed against Ying's mouth. She opened her mouth allowing him to fill her mouth.

Concentrating on the penis that was sliding in and out of her lips she did not notice the licking had stopped. "Don't make him cum yet Ying." Fiona said before returning to pleasuring the girl. Ying felt her orgasm building and she let Darren's cock fall from her mouth, she took him in her hand gently pumping him to maintain his pleasure. She began to moan as she orgasmed then she pushed Fiona's face away from her. "Darren, would you like to fuck the babysitter now?" Fiona asked but didn't wait for the answer.

Ying opened her eyes to see Darren move to her, he was very muscular and he picked her slight frame up into his arms. He laid her on the large pine dining table, while Fiona stripped Ying of her remaining clothing. Having just cum Ying could not wait to feel Darren's manhood being thrust into her throbbing cunt. They pulled Ying along the tabletop until her waist was parallel with the edge of the table Darren positioned himself so his cock was laying erect on top of Ying's pubic area. Rubbing his cockhead all over her bare pussy he moistened himself with her juices. Fiona stood behind him with her right hand taking his hardon. She wanked him slowly while her left hand teased his nipples. She kissed his neck before whispering in his ear. "Go on you have been desperate to fuck her since she has been babysitting for us. She is gagging for you." Then Fiona grabbed her husband's penis and slid it into Ying's opening. Instantly he pushed forward and began fucking her. Her cunt was so wet that the noise as her fucked her was really loud. After the comparative small ness of the vibrator Darren was really stretching her tight vagina.

"Does that feel as good as you imagined it would Darren? She's unbelievably sexy isn't she? Her body is so slim and athletic. Go on suck on her boobs." Darren bent down and started to suckle on her breasts. He chewed on her nipples, which were very hard and erect. He was slamming into her with gusto. As Darren shagged her his strokes quicken, Ying opened her eyes, seeing Fiona finishing removing her knickers and then standing naked next to them masturbating as she watched her husband fucking a young girl. "I bet she is so much tighter than me isn't she. Darren I don't want you to cum inside her, you can cover my tits as I know you like that." She pushed her face into Ying's forcibly kissing her. Their tongues entwined as Ying felt her second orgasm hit her and she felt her legs twitch and the feeling like a warm blanket wrapping her groin while Darren's cock pistoned in and out of her. They carried on kissing as Fiona heard the sounds of her husband fucking their babysitter while she kissed her deeply.


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