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Helping My Aunt and Uncle

Author: zipp2
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Jan 25, 2010

Rated 7.5 with 45 ratings
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Please remember that this is a work of fiction and that there are no real people in my stories. The stories are for your enjoyment and if incest offends you in anyway please stop reading now. On the other hand if you like the idea of the darker side of what sex can bring read on. Thank you.


I had just turned eighteen and school had just let out. I was free at last, ready to run around with all my friends and forget about everything. That's how I had planed to spend my summer but my mom and dad had other plans for me.

"That's right son." my dad started.

"Your aunt and uncle need help this summer with stuff around their house and I told them you would be glad to help them out." He finished and I was shocked.

I tried to talk my parents out of it but there was no way, my mom and dad had made up their minds. My mother had my bags packed already. It was like they wanted to get rid of me or something. I guess they needed some time to themselves. I could see that there was no getting out of it, so I agreed. Mom and dad told me that they would pay me for my work just like it was a real summer job, so that made it a little better.

I arrived on a rainy day and my aunt greeted me at the door.

"It is Nice to see you again Don." She said as she messed up my hair and gave me a hug.

"Your all wet you'll caught your death is you don't get out of those things."

I nodded and rushed inside my uncle bob was inside, he gave me a large smile. I asked where I was to unpack and my aunt Cathleen told me that I was going to have to sleep on the futon in the living room. It wasn't too bad and it was big enough for me. I dropped my bags next to the futon and got some dry things.

"You'll have to change in the bathroom Don just down the hall." My uncle informed me.

When I came out my aunt and uncle were deep in conversation and talking half under their breaths. They stopped when I entered and they began asking me all kinds of questions. We talked about everything, they asked about mom and dad and how my last year of high school had been. I answered all of their questions; they even asked if I had a girlfriend. I told them that I was to busy studying and getting good grades for girls.

We talked for an hours and they told me that they were going to bed. My aunt and uncle's house was really small compared to ours. They had a kitchen which was at the end of the living room, a single bathroom and their bedroom.

They went into the bedroom and after about ten minutes my aunt brought me out some blankets and pillows. She was wearing a short pink silk night shirt. She helped me put down the futon bed and as she was making it up, I couldn't help but notice how good looking she was. My uncle Bob and Aunt Cathleen were bikers and my aunt Cathleen looked the part. She had dirty blond hair, blue eyes and was very well built. She had nice round tits and in her silk top both of her nipples stuck out and you couldn't' help but look at them. She had small tattoos on her arm and lower left leg. My uncle Bob was a good looking guy and they made a handsome couple. I found myself looking down her top wishing I could see more as I helped her finish making up the bed. She had nice tanned legs and a small flower tattoo on her right foot. She finished and stood with a smile.

"There you go." She gave me a hug and disappeared back into her bedroom. I couldn't help but notice how her hips swung as she walked away. What a women I was thinking as I slipped out of my pants and got into bed. I was just about to go to sleep when their door opened again and my uncle Bob came out.

"Don, can we talk?" He asked as he sat on the end of the bed.

"Sure." I answered as I sat up.

"I and your aunt Cathleen Can't tell you how happy we are that you came down here to help us out with our problem."

I looked at him. What problem was he talking about? Mom and Dad hadn't told me anything about a problem they just told me that they needed help. I had guessed that meant in the yard or cleaning up or something. They even said that they would pay me for helping out. They never told me about a problem.

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"What did your parents tell you before you came down here Don?" He asked.

"Well, they said you and Aunt Cathleen needed some help for the summer." I answered.

"We do need your help Don and I talked to your dad and asked him to send you down here after he left a few weeks ago. You see Don." He began.

"About a year or so ago I stopped being able to function sexually. You know, I have been to all kinds of doctors and no one can help. I can't get an erection any more. Now your aunt and me have always wanted a child and now it looks like that will never happen." When he finished I was even more confused.

"Your dad and I talked a lot about this and we felt that you could help us out." He handed me his cell phone.


"Don, how was your trip?" It was my dad.

"Good, it was a long trip but dad what's up?" Uncle Bob was just telling me." He cut me off

"Listen Don, your uncle and aunt need your help. Let me start at the beginning." He paused and I looked over at uncle Bob.

"When I was at your uncle Bob and Aunt Cathleen's a few weeks ago, we all talked a lot about the fact that they want a kid. I told them that they could get it done artificial but Don that costs a lot of money, so it's out of the question. What they need is for you to do what they ask and get your aunt and uncle that child."

"Dad, what are you saying?" I questioned.

"Don't act so surprised Don you're an adult now. Look, when your uncle Bob and I were kids we used to take turns banging girls that lived around us. We were about your age when this happened, in fact, that's kind of what brought this up. Look son, when I was there I was helping them out but I was only there for a few days so bob asked for more help and you came to my mind. It's ok with me that you help out your uncle and aunt. Now don't tell your mother about any of this because she would never understand. Just tell her that you did what ever they needed doing. That's not a lie, not really." My father was quite for a second and then asked to talk to my uncle Bob again.

"What do you think Don. Think you can help your aunt and me out." Uncle Bob asked me with a very serious look.

"I don't know what I can do to help." I stammered.

"We need your help with Sperm Donations. I know someone of your age jacks off a lot and we just want that sperm Don." He said with a grin.

"It just doesn't seem right somehow. I mean she is my aunt and you're my uncle. What does Aunt Cathleen think of all of this?"

"She's fine with it boy." He slapped my leg with a grin.

"Look, why don't you just forget about sleeping on this silly futon bed and come with me." He walked into his bedroom. I gulped as I looked at the light coming from their bedroom. I got up and followed him.

My father wanted me to help them so I guess it would be alright. I walked into the room my aunt Cathleen was already laying on the bed. I noticed that all the windows had been covered with heavy blankets and it looked kind of strange.

"Come sit next to me Don." my aunt patted the bed next to her.

I slowly walked over to that side of the bed and sat down next to her. She lifted up on one elbow and smiled at me.

"I knew you would help us out and believe me I thought about this long and hard before I let Bob and your dad talk me into this." She shifted on the bed.

"I want to set some rules before we start any of this."

"Honey, please!" Uncle Bob protested.

"No Bob, I set the rules for this or we are not going to go any farther." My uncle Bob went quite.

"Ok, Don I know you're eighteen and just becoming a man but I don't want you to think that we can just have sex, OK!" She said.

"I guess." I started to answer but she cut me off.

"And no nasty talking when we are doing this its only to make a baby after all and I told Bob earlier that you don't have to penetrate me to do this. We will do it just like when your dad was here a few weeks back understand. We just need your sperm."


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