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Missing My Mom Ch. 03

Author: burly
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Oct 24, 2007

Rated 6.7 with 26 ratings
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"Mmmmmmm baby, you fucked mommy so good" as she looked back at him, in orgasmic bliss. "How about you pull out of mommy and let me clean you up, and we'll rest a while before we do some more, hmmmmm?"

"MMMMMMM yessssssss, Mom," Brad grinned, ready to please his mom all nite, wanting to feel her tongue on his insatiable cock...

Brad slowly eased his semi-hard cock out of his sexy mother's wet pussy, his balls soaked in her juices. He was pleased that he had not yet wilted completely! He heard his mom groan in pleasure, and disappointment as his cock head slid out. Carrie whirled around, and began to lick his cock head and shaft as though she were licking a melting ice cream cone. He stared in fascination as his mother licked her sweet sticky juices off his thick cock, making him slowly harden completely, again. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, mom, that's it," he said, licking his lips as he watched her. "Mmmmmm liking that big cock, aren't you mommy?"

"Mmphhhh, mmmm - yeah," Carrie mumbled, tasting their cum mixed together, loving the fact that she was being pleasured by such a hot young stud, excited about the fact that it was her SON'S cock she was sucking.

"Yesssssss, mmmmm," Brad moaned. "You love sucking your son's hard thick cock, being such a GOOD cocksucker, don't you??" he hissed, thru teeth clenched in pleasure as she licked the sensitive underside of his cockhead.

Carrie began to pour cum juices again as she listened to her boy talk to her like a slut... "MMMmmmmmm, oohhhhhh yeah, baby, I want this cock SOOOOO much!! I want ALL your hot thick cum honey, want you to fill my hot mouth!!"

"Yeaaaaahhhh, mom, lick my cock with that pretty mouth - that hot tongue," Brad encouraged, stroking her long soft hair. Carrie licked faster, especially the shaft, peeling off every drop of cum. Her hand was between his legs, cupping his muscular butt, stroking with her thumb as her tongue began to lick his balls. "MMMMMMMMMMMM, MOM!!" he blurted out as her tongue licked the underside of his balls, the frenulum between them, then back to the base of his cock, and then moving up slowly. The tip of her tongue alone was driving him crazy, but as he felt her nails dig into his flesh, he felt weak with the passion and lust that grew inside him... "Mmmmmmm FUCK that's GOOD Mom," he groaned. "Let me lay down and enjoy this!" Brad laid down on the floor again, his leg bent and spread, giving her hand continued access to his butt, relaxing as her tongue explored him.

Carrie wrapped her lips around her son's shaft tightly, slowly moving them up and down while they encircled his cock and pulled on it, going up and down. Carrie continued to moan in pleasure as she felt her son's thick cock move in and out of her waiting mouth, greedy for more. "Now, I'm going to show you something," she said, as she turned around. As Brad sat there, ogling her sexy body, Carrie smiled at him, lowering her smooth, slick pussy onto Brad's throbbing cock, facing away from him. His hands cupped her round ass as she began to slowly grind against his thick cock. "Ohhhhhhh fuck baby you're big, mmmm filling me up!"

Brad simply laid back, feeling her ass, watching her hips gyrate as she fucked his cock good. He felt her pussy tighten around him as she went up, then pushed back on him hard, sinking down, his thick pole buried in his mother to the hilt. He rotated slightly, leaning up on the couch a bit, propped up slightly, pulling his mother back, her back against his hard chest. He began to cup her left tit, massaging firmly, as he reached for her clit. Finding it easily, hard and engorged, he began to rub it up and down, steadily.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH fuck yes, baby!" she cried, squeezing her cunt muscles around his hard member, arching in response to his touch. "Ohhhhhhhhh BABY, gonna cum!" she almost screamed, fucking his cock with abandon.

"MMMMMMMM yeah mom, ride my hard cock" Brad yelled, ready for her orgasm, bucking up to meet her downward thrusts. "Mmmmmmm, yes mom - cummmmmmmm!!"

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"AHH - AHH - AHH - cummmmmmmnnnnnnggggg... awwwwwwww FUCK!" Carrie yelled, squeezing her cunt around his cock as she rode him harder and faster, feeling the waves of pleasure almost drown her. She was gushing her juices all over him, and the delicious feeling of her squirting was the icing on the cake of her orgasm. She continued to fuck her lovely son, waves of mini-orgasms continuing.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, mom, keep cumming!" Brad commanded, feeling the spasms grip and release his cock again and again, rubbing her clit slowly, in circles. He loved his mother shoving his big dick deep inside her again, and again, and again. He sensed her building to another big orgasm, as she moaned louder, and pushed her up again, sitting up as she rode him, holding her hips as he guided her up and down.

"Mmmmm yeah, that's it baby, love your hard cock deep in me!" she groaned. "Fuck mommy back so deep!"

"Ohhhhhh yeah, mom," Brad said, as he pushed her ass cheeks apart, trying to go deeper still. His thumbs rested just on either side of her pink puckered asshole, and he began to move them inward, teasing the sensitive area. He was rewarded with deeper, louder moans.

"Mmmmmm - ohhhhhhhhh - mmmmmmmmmm," his mother moaned, breathlessly, pushing herself up, then sinking down again.

"MMmmmmm yeah, you like that, don't you mom?" he teased, as his right thumb began to rub her hot asshole, pushing in very slowly. "OHHHHHH, YEAH, so SEXY" as his thumb pushed into her asshole.

That was all it took for Carrie, and she felt her cunt muscles spasm, rubbing her clit fast as she arched against her son's cock, and thumb, loving the new sensation. "OOOOOOHHHHH BABY!!! OH FUCK I'M CUMMMINNNNGGG AGAINNNNNN!!!!!" as she shuddered, cunt juices shooting out, soaking everything.

Brad grinned, shoving his thumb deep into her hot ass, against her orgasm, hopefully heightening it.

"UNGHH, OHHH, MMMMM, UNGGHHHH," Carrie grunted, cumming, spurting, in huge waves, thrusting back on her sexy son's cock and thumb. "Ohhhhhhhh baby doll, it's all sooooooooo good!!!" she moaned, looking over her shoulder at his sexy eyes and chest. "Mmmmm, ummm, ohhh, honey, you make, me feel, so good!!!!"

"Mmmmmmm mom, love you," he breathed. "Love to fuck you."

Carrie began to slow down slightly, then looked back at him with incredible lust in her eyes. "MMMMMM baby, wanna fuck my ass?" Carrie asked, grinning seductively, overcome with lust.

"Oh hell yes!!" Brad exclaimed, even more excited at the thought of fucking his hot mom's ass, if it were possibleto be more excited!

"Mmmmmmm okay baby, get me ready, can't take this big cock right now," she gasped, as she continued to ride his hard member. Instincitvely, Brad removed his thumb, replacing it with his index finger. His mother hissed as he probed her more deeply, his left hand guiding her ass up and down as he finger-fucked her tight asshole. Quickly, he began to introduce his middle finger, easing it beside the index finger, watching his mother squirm on his rigid cock. "That's it honey, fuck that ass baby, gonna be so good!!"

"Mmmmm yeah, mom, can't wait to fuck your hot ass good!!" Brad said, as his two fingers were now in, probing, moving in and out. His mother was twisting back and forth, her heavy tits swaying as she moved up and down. He could tell she was getting hot again, and he was trying not to cum, so excited at the prospect of burying his cock in his mom's sexy ass!

"Ohhhhhhh, Brad, fuck I'm ready!" she exclaimed, pulling herself off his cock, rotating her hips forward to position her ass right over her son's young hard dick. "MMmmmm ready for that hard cock up my tight ass!!" Carrie grabbed the base of her son's cock to steady it, and he pushed the cock head to her waiting hole. "AHHHHhhhhhhhhh," she gasped, as she felt the thick cockhead stretch her opening. "OHH!!" she cried, in pleasure and some pain, as they worked the thick head into her tight asshole.


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