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My Daddy's Cock Ch. 02

Author: DaddysGrl
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Oct 27, 2007

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Abby laid by the pool on the lounger sunning herself. She has been out of school for a couple of weeks and was enjoying every minute of it. She got into the state college so she could stay home and spend more time with daddy. She also was able to get a hostess job at a local restaurant so she is making her own money.

She had her headphones on and was listening to Nelly’s Hot In Here and enjoying the warm sun. All she had on was her bikini bottoms. She had untied her top so she wouldn’t have any tan lines. Her skin was glistening and her honey blonde hair fell around her face and shoulders. She was an all American beauty. Her daddy called her his honeydew melon girl. She had the most kissable lips and perkiest breast. Her ass was nice and round. Her daddy was constantly telling her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her because well, it was true but also because he is kissing her ass. She’s has not let him cum for five months now. She would occasional free him from his cb2000 to play but hasn’t allowed him to cum yet. She was his key holder and she enjoyed every minute of it.

She’ll do things like sit on his lap and grind her ass onto his cock. Walk around in only a towel after she showers. But best of all, she makes him do things to her without granting him release. Last week he ate her pussy for an hour then she unlocked him and played with his cock and balls but didn’t allow him to cum. She almost brought him to orgasm three times by licking, sucking, and stroking his manhood. Just before he would start to he would ask her for permission as she had instructed him to. She always had ice on handle to settle him down. He’s even fucked his baby girl a few times but again Abby wouldn’t let him be satisfied. She enjoyed having her daddy under her control. But she has often thought that maybe it’s time to grant her daddy release.

The patio door slid open. “Hey kitten.” Tim greeted his daughter in good spirits. He starts a week’s vacation today from work and is going to enjoy the door time. He sat two glasses of lemonade on the patio table for them to drink. He looked down at Abby and saw her looking so sexy and fuckable he also realized that she hadn’t heard him because of her headphones. He bent over and kissed her on the back of her neck and then sat down on the lounger next to hers. He was a good looking man to be nearly fifty, wearing only his swim trunks. He prided himself in taking care of his body, especially now that he and Abby have started their sexual relationship. He wanted her to be proud to be with him.

Tim enjoyed the looks he got when they would go out to dinner and movies and such. They would go around town sometimes but mostly they would drive out of town to do things so they can be freer to hold hands and be affectionate with one another. They were both well known here, it was a small town and if this situation got out it would ruin them both.

“Daddy…” Abby said turning over onto her back and exposing her 36c breast with a key on a chain dangling between them. “Would you mind rubbing some suntan oil on me?” She asked.

“Not at all hon.” Tim bent over and got the bottle from the ground. He was glad they had a seven foot privacy fence; he would hate the neighbors to get a gander of this. He moved to Abby’s lounger and sat beside her. He squirted some oil in the palm of his hands and rubbed them together than he began rubbing the oil up and down her legs and thighs to her stomach and then he massaged the oil into her breasts. Abby was laying flat on her back with sunglasses on. “That feels so good daddy.” She purred.

“I am glad kitten.” Tim looked down at her lovingly. He was so much more attentive to her needs now that she was his key holder. She was good to him as well. She knew just the way to tease him and just how far she could go. He would love to cum for her someday but knew that she held the cards and would decide when it was time for that.

She draped her hand over his knee and began rubbing. “Wanna play?” She asked.

“You know that I am always ready to play with you baby girl.” He replied.

Abby had him stand up in front of her and she slid his trunks down and unlocked his cock. He was only half hard but she knew that it wouldn’t take much to get him ready. She started sucking on the head of his cock. Running her tongue up and down the shaft and brushing his balls with her nails very lightly. Tim closed his eyes and put his hands on the back of her head. “Oh Abby, suck it.” He said to her.

She slid the full length of his cock into her mouth, deep throating him all the way down to his balls. She sucked him in and out very slowly. Then she took his cock out and began sucking his balls into her mouth while she stroked him. Tim couldn’t believe what a good cock sucker his daughter was.

Abby looked up at her daddy…”Daddy, I’m going to let you cum this time.” She stated.

“Oh baby, really?” He asked.

“Yes. I want you to take control of me though. Be rough with me. Pay me back for all the times I refused to give you release.” Tim didn’t need anymore encouragement than that.

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He took Abby’s hand and he laid down on his lounger and had her sit on his face while she sucked his cock. His daughter’s ass and pussy were right in his face he licked her pussy and sucked on her clit so hard that she yelped. She continued sucking his cock and massaging his balls. Tim slide his fingers in her pussy and began fucking her with his hand, getting her nice and wet. He wanted her to cum all over him before he put his cock in her. He then took his tongue and slid it into her asshole. Her ass was so tight. He wondered if she would allow him to fuck her there. He wanted to experience everything she had to offer.

“Oh daddy, lick my ass. I love that.” Abby rubbed his cock all over her face and then took him back into her mouth.

Tim was rock hard and he had to have her. He pushed her gently forward so that he could slide his cock into her wet pussy. She was forward on her hands with her back to him and he had his hands on her hips watching his cock slid in and out of her.

“Mmmmmm daddy your cock feels so good inside me. My pussy belongs to you daddy.” She said.

This turned Tim on so much that he began fucking her harder. She sat up and arched her back. He felt himself close to cumming and he didn’t want to yet. He wanted this feeling to last forever. He slowed down and eventually he stopped but his still hard cock was in her pussy.

“Is something wrong daddy?” She asked.

“No pumpkin, just don’t want to cum too quickly.” He replied. “Kitten, will you do something for daddy?

“Anything daddy, anything you want me to.” She replied.

He knew that his daughter was experienced but he wondered if she had let anyone fuck her ass before. He had hoped not because the thought of him having his daughters anal cherry made him even hornier.

“I want to fuck your tight ass pucker kitten. Ever had a cock in your ass?” He asked.

“No daddy, I haven’t but won’t that hurt a lot?” She replied.

“Daddy will be easy hon.” Tim lifted Abby off of him and had her get on her hands and knees on the lounger. She arched her back so that her ass was presented to him.

Then he eased his slick wet cock into her tight asshole. She was so tight and he loved the feel of her. Abby clutched the sides of the lounger to brace herself better. “Oh it hurts daddy.” Abby said looking back at him.

“I know baby but it won’t hurt for long. It will start to feel good here in a minute.” Tim put his hands on her ass to spread her cheeks apart. He pushed his cock in deeper until his balls rested right on her pussy lips. Then he took his cock out and pushed the full length back in. Out and in he went very slowly than he began to pick up the pace. Abby looked back at him and put her hand up to stop him from going in so deep but Tim took her wrist and held it and continued his steady pounding of her ass. Finally he let go and she put her hand back on the lounger. She knew that there was no stopping him that she would just have to hold on and enjoy the ride. She already promised him he could cum so she was going to let him enjoy it.

Tim kept one hand on her hip and took the other and gathered up a handful of her hair. He pulled her head back as if he was riding her like some beautiful mare. “Oh god Abby you feel so good.”

“Oh daddy you're right it is starting to feel better.” Abby began meeting his thrusts and grinding her ass onto his cock.

Tim could feel his balls filling up with cum. He was so close to it He couldn’t decide where he wanted to blow his load. He decided that he needed to see it to believe it. He pulled his cock out of her ass and while stroking his cock with his hand he had her turn around to face him. She was on her knees on the lounger with her head back. He poised the head of cock at her lips and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

“Mmmmm kitten, want daddy to cum all over that pretty face?” He asked.

“Yes daddy please cum all over me.” She opened her eyes and looked loving up at her daddy and then she felt it. The hot gooey cum shooting all over her lips and tongue and dripping down her chin. Tim put the head of his cock into her mouth and she swallowed the rest of his load. He came really hard and it seemed to go on forever.

“Oh god, Abby you're such a good girl.” Tim said stroking his daughter’s hair.

Abby kissed the head of his cock and told him to go on into the house and take a shower. Tim went in and did as his daughter had told him. Once he got out, she was there waiting with towel in one hand and his cb2000 in the other. “Time to lock my cock up for a while daddy.” Abby knelt before him and slid it on fastening all the attachments and locking the key lock. Then she gave her daddy a nice long kiss.

“Oh Abby” he said. “You are so good to your daddy.”


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