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My Sultry New Neighbor

Author: SusyQ03
Category: Lesbian_Stories
Last updated: Nov 27, 2005

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It was such a nice day out that I had decided to get some yard work done. I slipped into a pair of cut off jean shorts and my bikini top. I lathered my body up with some sun tan lotion, which needed some tanning very badly. Before I walked out of my room, I hesitated at the mirror to give myself a once over.

I enjoyed my body and would like to think that I'm in pretty good shape. I stand around 5'6" and my body is well toned..my breasts being my best feature at a 34C and my ass, round and firm. My hair, a deep brown, lays straight to the middle of my back and layered all over. My eyes are hazel and although my lips are small, they are pouty and inviting.

I ran my fingers down my chest to my perky breasts. My nipples becoming erect at the thought of pleasing my pussy, which I did often. I loved masturbating while watching myself in my full body length mirror and made this a daily event for me. Although I knew I had work that needed to be done, I had to tease myself. Slipping my hands into my jean shorts, my fingers meeting my bare mound. I keep my pussy shaved bare. That's how I like it.


I rubbed my lips and teased my clit with my finger. Back and forth. God, it felt so good but if I wanted to have a great orgasm later, I have to stop now. I winked at myself, pulled my hair back into a ponytail and headed downstairs to start my day.

I hadn't even been outside for about an hour when my new neighbor emerged outside to introduce herself. " Hi there neighbor, I'm Victoria." My eyes had just set upon a very sultry, delicious looking woman. I was instantly attracted to her as my eyes ran up and down the length of her body, taking her all in. Just the sight of her made me want to make love to her.

Victoria must have atleast stood around 5'9", long dark hair and stunningly beautiful deep brown eyes. Her breasts...wow, they were quite ample. If I had to guess, I'd say a double D. Her waist was small and from what I could see of her pantyhose legs, they were long and delicious looking. " My, what I could do to that body," I thought to myself.

"Hi, I'm Susie and it's nice to meet you, Victoria."

We talked for about 15 minutes. The normal stuff one would talk about with a new neighbor...where she had moved here from, the neighborhood she had just moved into, what line of work she was in..., etc.,... " Well, Susie, I need to run now and head to my office," " It was really nice meeting you, maybe we can get together some time soon?" My mind now racing wildly with lustful, naughty thoughts of Victoria. "Sure, that's sounds like fun, Victoria!" As I watched her walk away, her hips swinging back and forth, inviting my eyes to watch her ass, she looks back..." Hey, just call me Vicky." With a wave, she zoomed away in her car.

The rest of the day seemed to be a blur. I had done every task I had set for myself that day but didn't remember doing any of it. I was too lost in my thoughts of Victoria, my new sultry neighbor. Wanting to please her body with mine. Wanting to hear her moan in ecstasy while sucking and nibbling on her pussy and clit. Visualizing myself finger fucking her into a frenzy, her hips fucking my face wildly as I did so.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the grumbling in my tummy. I headed to the kitchen and made myself a salad. I had cut up some fresh tomato, chopped some cucumber, added some bacon bits and dressing to my salad and sat down to enjoy it. Mixing it all together, watching the creamy dressing cover the salad, my thoughts went back to Victoria.

Imagining her sweet juicy dressings in my mouth, covering my lips and fingers. I couldn't take the sensation anymore. My pussy juices had soaked through my shorts now and my clit had engorged through my lips, catching the crotch of my jean shorts, making the urge to pleasure myself much more intense. I pushed aside my plate and went to the fridge.

I took out the remainder of the cucumber I had used on my salad and planned on using this to satisfy myself. Slipping out of my shorts that were holding tightly against my now throbbing pussy, I could feel my warm moisture running down my inner thigh. God, I was so turned on. Sitting down on top of the table, I slipped a hand underneath my bikini top and pinched my very erect nipple tightly. Twisting and turning it, teasing myself more and more.

I moved my other hand down my stomach. The coolness of the cucumber sent a shiver through me, goose bumps now covering me entirely. Lost in a sea of emotions, the cold cucumber slid easily over my wet lips.

"Oh God," my mouth muttered as my body jerked at the feeling of my hot clit touching the cold object. My pussy lips had now attached to the massive object ready to invade me

Spreading my legs wider, laying completely back on the table, I ran the cucumber up and down my hot cunt. Thoughts of Victoria watching me play with myself sent me into over drive. I plunged the cucumber deep inside me, thrusting in and out, faster and deeper, the monstrous object fucking my pussy.

"Yessssss......Ohhhhh goodddddd, yessss,"

I screamed as if I've never had before, releasing all the air from my lungs. My body spasmed over and over.

"Ohhhhh God.....Ohhhhh Victoriaaaaa."

Panting hard, gasping for air. The orgasm took me to a level that I hadn't felt in quite some time. Sure, I had many orgasm's on a nightly basis but nothing like this.

Coming down from the waves of orgasmic pleasure, I smiled and allowed my pulse to come back down to normal. Not wanting to rush myself, I lay in a dreamy haze enjoying it until the last of the pulsation's stopped inside my pussy.

After an hour of blissful masturbation, I decided to take a warm bubble bath and allow myself the pleasure's of reminiscing on what had just happened. I slept like a baby that night and had the most wonderful dream.

Several day's had gone by and I hadn't seen her at all. I wanted to see her so badly, even if I was only allowed a glimpse of her. I made the effort of looking for her off and on. Hoping maybe we'd catch up with each other as we came home from work.

I know that she worked in advertising and thought that maybe she had been sent out of town on some kind of project. By the third night, I had given up all hopes of talking to her anytime soon when all of the sudden there was a knock at my door. It was kind of late and I wondered who it was at my door.

Not like you can't guess already, it was her. My face lit up and she smiled at me. With a warm hello, she explained that she had locked her keys in her car and was wondering if she could sit around for a while until her sister arrived home.

Yea, like I was going to say no to this. I jumped on this. " Sure, come on in, I wasn't really doing anything but reading." "You're more than welcome to hang out with me."

She looked wonderful and my mind soon began to race with thoughts of her. She wore a black clingy dress that fit her form with perfection. Her legs wearing black sheer pantyhose and her hair pulled up, exposing her beautiful neck. She smelt wonderful as she walked passed me. I was in heaven.

She sat down and kicked off her heels. " These damn things kill my feet," she laughed. I told her that was one of the reasons I didn't like wearing them." Why not," she said, " you sure do have the legs for them." I blushed liked a child, " Thank you," I said in a sweet voice. We went into conversation about her evening. Telling me she had just been on a date with a guy from work.

I envied him. How lucky he was to have her as a date for the evening. What I would have given to be in his shoes. To be the one to listen to her talk, to hear her laughter and to look into her seductive eyes. She had said that they had almost had sex but after thinking about it, she refused. Not wanting to give into him just yet because of fear that he would gossip about it around the office.

Lost in the sight of her, I came back around as I see her hand wave back and forth across my eyes. " Hello, anybody in there?" Flustered I muttered, " Ohh, sorry, I was just thinking how nice it must have been to have such a fun evening."


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