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Black Boss Takes White Boy

Author: kac0037
Category: NonConsent_and_Reluctance_stories
Last updated: Nov 20, 2007

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It happened when I was twenty-four. A black man forced me into a gay experience.

James was a manager at the drug store where I worked as a stock clerk. He was in his early thirties, very masculine and in good shape, dark brown in color. He always flirted with the women so I never had reason to suspect he would want me in a sexual way.

I had been married for two years at the time and never told my wife of this incident.

It happened on a summer night after we had closed. A few of us would stay on Tuesday night to unload the truck and put up stock. On this night, no one other than James and me would stay. He said we would stay until midnight.

James started talking to me about women and my sexual experiences. He had asked me had I been with a man before. I was surprised by the statement and told him no.

I am a nice looking man but small in stature, an average size cock to go with my frame.

We were in the stockroom when I told him I had to piss. I did my duties and then when I opened the door, he was standing there waiting.

"Let me see what you got there he said." A smirk smile swept across his face.

"What? What do you mean?" My face looked of puzzlement.

"Let me see your package." He stood at the doorway not letting me out.

"You are kidding, right?"

"No open up, let me see."

I just looked down and tried to move forward through him. He put both hands on the door jams and pushed me back. I fell backwards sitting myself on the toilet seat.

James closed the door, walked up to me and started unbuttoning his pants. I tried to stand but he pushed me back down. I turned my head when he pulled his cock out.

I looked at it from the corner of my eyes. The sheer size of his flaccid black cock bewildered me. Mine poked out a few inches and that was it. Six inches rock hard is all I had.

He grabbed at my head both hands on either side.

"Go ahead, take it in your mouth, suck it."

I tried to pull my head away but James was a large man with great strength. I pushed my hands at him but I am neither big nor strong. He started rubbing the head of his dick over my lips. I tried to move one more time but was unsuccessful. He started pushing the head in between my lips until I finally opened my mouth and took him in.

"There you go now boy, suck it good." He still had a hold on my head as I started sucking his big dick.

I did not know what else to do. I sucked wanting it to be over.

James moaned aloud, "Ahhhh yeahhh boy........ yessss now suck that cock boy."

I found my mouth had started working at his cock sucking him as good as I could. I felt my cock growing. I did not want that to happen, I tried to make it stop.

By now, I was fully erect and could not understand why. I was in this small bathroom with my boss, his black cock in my mouth.

My erect cock confused me. Why was this happening I thought?

While sucking the head in my mouth I noticed that James had removed his hands. I was sucking him on my own now. I thought he might hurt me if I tried to stop so I kept on going.

The thoughts entered my mind that I would be fired if I did not comply with what he was wanting. I needed the job badly right now; we were in the process of buying a house and later found out he knew that and took advantage of my situation.

I grew more aroused as I sucked, moving one of my hands to the shaft of his cock and stroking him.

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"That's it Todd, go boy, I knew you would suck it."

He started pumping my mouth and when I felt he was close, I pulled my mouth off. James grabbed me by the head and stuck his black dick back inside my mouth.

"Aaahhhhhh Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh." He came in my mouth and kept a slow hump going.

He then pulled from my mouth. I felt his cum running out all over my mouth. I was looking down at the floor thinking it was over. I rose up and he turned me around pushing me over the sink, I saw in the mirror, my face, lips and chin with gobs of his cum running over them. I tried to turn around to leave.

"No you don't, we not through yet boy."

He reached around unbuttoning my pants, I began to struggle but he held me tight. Before I knew it he had them around my ankles.

He had pulled a jar of Vaseline from the shelf and coated his dick with it. All of the sudden it hit me, this was well planned, he had the Vaseline ready.

I started struggling some more. "No James please man you got off!"

"Todd, come on man you know a black man needs more than that."

"Don't no don't, please stop and let me go home." I pleaded as I felt him rubbing his cock up along my ass. I felt the sensation as it crossed my asshole.

I tried once again to struggle but he had pinned me over the sink, his full weight on top of my back with his forearm pressing down. I could not even do anything with my hands but support myself.

I felt his cock probing for my asshole. He found it. It felt strangely good and the nerves of my asshole were being massaged with the head of his cock. He began to push slowly. I tensed up and tried to move forward, there was nowhere to go.

I felt as he started to enter, the enormous head trying to make its way inside me.


He had penetrated me. It hurt but he was moaning of pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh yessssssss boy yess."

It was too late he was inside of me. My struggles stopped as he started to hump against my ass. The pain mixed with some sort of weird pleasure of my nerve endings. I tried to relax my muscles. That seemed to make it easier.

I noticed I had a raging hard on. I was even more confused now. He was taking my ass, something I never even thought of or remotely found arousing. Now my body was aroused.

He wrapped his arms around me and began thrusting in me, humping, pushing my hips into the sink until he started moaning and grunting again. I felt him cum. He jerked uncontrollably. He pulled out of me and told me to go on home that he would pay me for a few more hours.

This took place a few more times until I finally quit, we had gotten our house and I found another job. I was ashamed to bring it up and it was not possible to quit at the time. The next three times were pretty much consensual though, I knew I couldn't do anything about it and knew how to get him off.

I could have never told anyone, it is too embarrassing and shameful and I did stay another two months because of the situation. I was also ashamed because deep down I enjoyed it and had masturbated thinking of sucking him and bending over for him. After the last time though, it was over. I never let myself do anything like that again and block it out of my mind because when I think of it I become aroused.

I never returned to that side of town again, not to this day.


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