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Transsexual Stories

Stories about transsexuals and crossdessers

Do You wanna have Your personal russian slut?

Becoming A Real Woman   (rated 4.9 with 17 ratings) 
My journey in becoming a woman

Webmeets Diary Ch. 04   (rated 5.8 with 14 ratings) 
Celebrating the end of university as a slutty schoolgirl.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 03   (rated 5.2 with 15 ratings) 
I become Sarah to meet an older couple.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 01   (rated 4.8 with 4 ratings) 
My first meeting through the internet.

My Girl Chapter 1   (rated 5.4 with 17 ratings) 
I have a beautiful wife and she happens to be androgynous.

Making A Transgender   (rated 6.6 with 16 ratings) 
I turned a slight feminine bi-curious bottom into a beautiful transgender lady

Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Part 2   (rated 6.3 with 1128 ratings) 
Jenny and her friends have a party with a surprise.

Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Part 1   (rated 5.8 with 9 ratings) 
Jennifer has a surprise request for Jack.

office girl   (rated 7.7 with 15 ratings) 
how changing job meant changing a lifestyle

Julie's First Date Ch. 02   (rated 8.0 with 10 ratings) 
A feminine crossdresser's second time.

Julie's First Date Ch. 01   (rated 7.0 with 8 ratings) 
A feminine crossdresser's first time.

Dean and the Tgirl   (rated 6.7 with 14 ratings) 
Muscle stud enjoys a sexy femme tgirl.

Snow in Philly   (rated 7.1 with 14 ratings) 
A crossdresser's first time.

The Present   (rated 6.1 with 8 ratings) 
He gets a nice little toy from you.

Medicine of Magic   (rated 5.4 with 63 ratings) 
A man desires to change and becomes....

123 Faux   (rated 5.9 with 12 ratings) 
When she finds a bra, she learns more about him.



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