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Lawn Guy

Author: Zoltar
Category: Voyeur_and_Exhibitionist_Stories
Last updated: Aug 23, 2008

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Fictitious story about a woman writing an entry in a web forum. Search on VSFW and CFNM and you are sure to find the forum that I am referring to.


Hey. Great site. What a find. I thought I was the only one who had these kinds of thoughts. Actually, this whole internet thing is a very eye opening experience.

I've lived kind of a sheltered life, but I did have one CFNM experience I would like to share with you from a few summers ago. This experience even though it happened a while ago is still very vivid in my mind.

I am your typical suburban housewife. Married, two kids both away at college. I'm in my late 40's. We have a rather large house and a generous front and back yard. My husband works a lot in the office but shuns most types of physical work. So it was his idea to get someone to cut our grass. Like most things for around the house I was put in charge of it. I looked at the local services in the yellow pages, most ranged around 30 dollars a cut and that was on a once a week schedule whether the grass needed it or not. As fate would have it that when I checked my mailbox that day, there was a flyer for a local guy who cut lawns.

I decided to give him a call. We talked for a while. He seemed like a nice guy. He was a freshman in the local community college. This was a way for him to make money over the summer. When I asked him how come he was so much cheaper then the professional lawn services and what type of quality and dependability I could expect etc. He had a pretty feisty response, almost a tone of anger in his voice as he plunged into his sales pitch. He said he was a professional and not only could he undercut the prices he had better quality, more dependability and on top of it more flexible scheduling. He would cut the grass when it needed it. Lawn services rip you off he said, they will show up and run the mowers over the lawn even when there is barely nothing to cut etc. And he said could under cut them on prices because he owned the 'business' and because it was a small operation so he didn't pay taxes and have to have health benefits etc. He was going on and on and I finally said 'okay okay sorry, Just wondering. When can you come by, and do the lawn?'

'How's Thursday at 12?'

'Sure, I said'

When Thursday came and I answered the door I was a little taking back. This guy was really cute and he was very confident and polite. He really carried himself well. He had on your typical low budget college get up. Sneakers, socks shorts and a t-shirt. But he filled it out very well. He said he had some questions for me. I followed him outside. He asked about blade height, and should he should put the bags of grass etc.

I wasn't really listening I was just admiring his eyes. They were that shade of real light sky blue that you can get lost in.

As I was heading in he said, 'Ohh ya I forgot to ask. Do you mind if I take my shirt off when I mow. I like to work on my tan., it's one of the perks of my job. You know, exercise, fresh air, and I get to work on my tan.'.

'Sure', I said. He had such an easy going manner. Later I couldn't believe I said this. I am usually a shy person and I never flirt. But I found myself saying 'I guess that will be one of the perks of my hiring you' and looking him in the eyes I smiled. He seemed to blush. How cute, I thought.

When I went back inside curiosity got the best of me. I looked out the window just in time to see him peel off his shirt. My mouth dropped. He was really built. He had broad well-defined shoulders that went down to a slim stomach and I just realized that his shorts were pretty tight. They framed a nice rounded bottom. I watched his muscles flex as he fired up the mower and started working on the lawn. I felt really guilty standing here like a pervert watching this kid half my age sweating in the noonday sun. But inevitably my eyes snaked down to the front of his shorts. I noticed, either he stuffed his shorts, had an erection which he had strapped down or he was just hung like a horse. But there was a lot happening down there. I liked how each step he took is shifted just a little bit. My mind was mentally stripping those shorts off him. Did he have boxers on or briefs?

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My god what is wrong with me, I thought. I tore myself away from the window. I felt really guilty. This was so wrong. I tried to watch some tv to forget about this. I'm sitting there in the family room and just as I was forgetting about this kid, he starts working on the back yard. There he goes, now he is covered in sweat. The muscles really flexing as he pushes the mower across the back yard. He was doing a great job too. The back yard has lots of obstacles. A tall fence, lots of trees and a swimming pool.

I have always been faithful to my husband I love him. But our sex life at that point in my life was not really that great. We seldom did it, and when we did I usually had to finish myself off. I am not the best looking lady, so my husband is not really the best looking guy either. But we love each other. I never really played around much before him either.

I didn't know what was happening. This kid in the back yard was really awakening things within me that I didn't even know existed. I said to hell with it and I sat and watched him. God my nipples were hard. Ohh this is so dirty I shouldn't. But my hand started rubbing them. Ohh my god I'm wet. That hadn't happened in a long time. I started rubbing myself. Inevitably my hand went under my skirt and panties. I was really enjoying this. What a show. This guy was nearly naked. What a nice body. My hand really working on my clit now. What did he look like without those shorts. oohh. My imagination working double time I imagined him pulling those shorts down and his cock springing free. Big hairy balls hanging low. Then him rubbing it as it grew into a deliciously long and thick piece of meat. Ohh god did I cum. When I came back down to Earth the guilt started setting in.

When he was though he rang the doorbell. I paid him and we set up a schedule of when he should cum or ahh come by and cut the lawn again. (god this kid was having an effect on me).

That whole week I couldn't stop thinking about him. I practically raped my husband when he got home, pretending I was with the lawn guy. As I rode my husbands cock, I felt guilty about thinking it was someone else's, but it really turned me on at the same time.

This pattern went on the next couple of weeks. He would show up and let me know he was going to start. Then as he cut the lawn I would watch him and masturbate. Mentally undressing him with my eyes. Then he would come to the door to get paid. Naked except for his shorts shoes socks and in his hand holding his shirt. I loved that close view of him. Covered in sweat and just in those tight shorts. I tried to stall him. I would try to engage him in conversation, but he politely would escape saying he was late for his next job.

The next time was, different though. As, I was about to say good bye, it was him that tried to initiate some small talk. Smiling, he said, 'Have you lived around here long?'

That led to a wonderful conversation. I would sneak glances at him every chance I got. He never caught me. But he seemed to give me a lot of opportunity though. For example he would look away or turn around and point to something, 'That used to be all corn fields over there' etc. Did this guy know how sexy he was, standing a few feet from me in just his tight shorts. Did he enjoy being on display for me? This was all definitely in my head I convinced myself and I needed to be in control. The last thing I wanted to do was scare this guy away. I was really looking forward to the next lawn cut. But he had such an easy going manner, that it was pulling the devilish side out of me.

We had talked for awhile. For being that young he was quite the conversationalist. We talked about everything. I tried to steer the conversation back to him. He was a football player and he swam in the off season to stay in shape. Ahh there was my in.


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