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Cuckold No More

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ken stevens on Dec 21, 2013
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MickeyMarsh (yaming-sun [AT] 163 [DOT] com) on Aug 13, 2012 rated: 10
I\'ve always waetnd a little girl first. A little boy eventually, but for our first - a little cutie pie baby girl. I\'m the oldest, and maybe you want what you had? I have a younger brother and love our relationship, hubs has an older sister and young
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Vitoria (32050524_lxl [AT] 163 [DOT] com) on Aug 13, 2012 rated: 7
, Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. but I like this quote even more-especially considering the state of the world\'s enomocy, and the suffering of so many people because of war, terrorism, famine, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, torna
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rtvrvvoi (xisxre [AT] dnsndq [DOT] com) on Aug 13, 2012 rated: 2
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xlutalkucft (uerspe [AT] ichric [DOT] com) on Aug 13, 2012 rated: 3
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wgkvhmwipi (huckxa [AT] lhjabu [DOT] com) on Aug 12, 2012 rated: 8
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Smodee (u [DOT] glocrigrub [AT] debian [DOT] au [DOT] com) on Aug 12, 2012 rated: 4
Well if he still love her than i think u should cfonrnot him about it and see if he still has strong feeling about her because it would be bad if later on in your marriage he goes back to her. So just check before you get married.
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Luisa (lane [DOT] etter [AT] pwlcpa [DOT] com) on Aug 12, 2012 rated: 7
We really waentd a boy, but were convinced it would be a girl because all of our close family has had boys recently, and that our would be the only one.We were floored when we saw 5 appendages!I am such a tomboy that I was also worried we would end up wit
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Vhal (kstevens [AT] physics [DOT] ubc [DOT] ca) on Aug 11, 2012 rated: 6
I always wetand to have a boy first. I am one of 5 girls in my family, and I easily get tired of girl drama. Now that I have a son, I\'m starting to have dreams of having a girl next. I always tell my husband that he is lucky we don\'t have a daughter
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BredDizedex (periodalmangustin [AT] gmail [DOT] com) on Mar 21, 2012 rated: 10
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fkkjtbhid (gmkgki [AT] sgklgo [DOT] com) on Jul 17, 2010 rated: 8
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wlonqakaizt (yyoisw [AT] rqfszr [DOT] com) on May 10, 2010 rated: 6
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test (ted90869 [AT] lycos [DOT] com) on Feb 15, 2010
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